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This gift idea goes to my category "If you have the cojones to make me such a gift, I have the cojones to experience the gift, but then at least give me a video of it" - perfect gift :D

Seriously: If you make such a gift, then please present also the video. The fact that you get also a t-shirt of it, is really a hit! If I would receive it, I would for sure show my t-shirt everybody and everywhere.

Important for this gift: the gift recipient must want that, not you. So, if you are sure that he or she is open for such an experience, go for it!
In general, such an experience may be for adventurous people, or for those who are just testing, making a change in their lives, looking for a new beginning, facing a new phase, and so on.

This gift is definitely something you'll never forget, so it's a great gift for important occasions: birthdays, graduation, Christmas, divorce, etc.

This gift idea can also be obtained as an online voucher. The voucher will be sent to you by e-mail and is therefore a great last minute gift!



Bungee Jumping Wahlgutschein + Video & T-Shirt

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